Monday, February 02, 2009

Utterly Butterly - I can't believe he's not buttering us up!

This was Mr Brown, who insisted on BBC's "The Politics Show", that he was "utterly confident" about the future of the economy and the British people's ability to come through the difficult time. "I am utterly confident about the future of the UK economy, utterly confident about our ability to work with other countries to deal with the problem. Britain is one of the countries that will be one of the great success stories of the next period of global change.

"I have an utter faith in our ability as a British people also to come through difficulties to realise problems to be resilient in face of them and then to see that we can solve these problems by working together," he said.

Funny that. Because I am utterly convinced that Gordon Brown has been, and continues to be, utterly useless in governing this country.


TractorStats said...

There are so called fans of the least talented of all the pop world who turn out at gigs dressed as nutters just to catch a glimpse and scream as their idols pass buy 100 metres away. Brown is just like one of these mentally ill people and is surrounded by equally sick supporters devoid of any grasp of reality. Why we don't lock them up I just don't understand.

Oldrightie said...

You night owls are hard to keep up with! See the Great Leader (NOT) promising to stop the snow, this morning! Dear oh dear, I hope the strike disruption grows into a full blown exodous of Labour supporters and a massive defeat in June or earlier!