Tuesday, February 17, 2009

See, I told you so - Brown is going to rule the world!

This report in the Guardian about Gordon Brown "...making reform of the international monetary fund, its governance, funding and powers of surveillance, the centrepiece of a 45-day diplomatic drive in an attempt to make the G20 summit in London a turning point in remaking the international economic order..." proves he's on course to be the Chosen One.

It's also significant that he also wants to: "....give the (new) fund powers to direct nation states to respond to its surveillance reports. He also wants to give the G20 a permanent secretariat, so making it a powerful body overseeing finance and largely eclipsing the G8."

Apart from the fact that he has only ever agreed with the IMF when it complimented the economic performance of the UK or criticised other countries' performance, it is significant that he wants to set up a powerful secretariat - "... but we have never given anybody sufficient teeth so that their views are treated so seriously that people will immediately have to act when that early warning is given. We still lack the means for financial supervision...(the International Monetary Fund)...cannot have a role that is simply commentating on the global economy, it must have a surveillance role that is effective".

Job done! He's written his own job description now all he needs to do is get his CV sorted out - might be a few problems there but I'm sure it can be tweaked a bit - and then sit back and wait for the invitation to the interview.