Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Mandy and Ken Show

The YouGov poll in the Daily Telegraph has an interesting little nugget that might cause a frisson of concern amongst Labour supporters. Apart from the Conservatives still having a lead in double digits, apparently "...48% of those questioned said that Kenneth Clarke - brought back onto the Tory frontbenches last month by Mr Cameron - would make the best Business Secretary, against 17% for Labour's Lord Mandelson."

Oh dear! The PoD is losing his touch! The King of Spin has been beaten by the old bruiser. Ken is seen as a safe pair of hands. Good call by David Cameron and George Osborne to bring him back into the Shadow Cabinet.

And isn't it sweetly ironic that Mandy will have to rely on the Conservatives to get his Royal Mail "privatisation" bill through the House of Commons?


subrosa said...

Ted, I've given you just one star for this post. Whenever I see that man's photo I feel nauseous.

The content was v good though :)

Obviously your blog is behaving again.

Ted Foan said...

You're a night bird like me, then?