Saturday, February 21, 2009

Ferrets in a sack

I can recommend this article by Paul Linford which he wrote for his column today in the Newcastle Journal for its analysis of the in-fighting now going on within the Labour Party on whether Brown should be kicked out soon and who would be best placed to succeed him.

I don't usually agree much with Paul but he has a good conclusion: "Until very recently, there was a settled will in the Labour Party that, for good or ill, the party was stuck with Mr Brown until the election, and that it had better knuckle down and make the best of it. My instinct tells me this mood is changing, and that the party may be about to experience a spring awakening. Watch this space."

Indeed! Watch this space too.


Events dear boy, events said...

I have left a comment on Paul's blog. Useful link.

I can't see Brown going, it is not in his DNA to give up.

I have argued on my blog that the Labour party rules are too cumbersome for a smooth transition, and two unelected PM's in one parliament is not sustainable.

Oldrightie said...

I thought my ferrets were more cute. Susie said so! If it were not for the destruction wrought on us all this descent into oblivion would be a joy to watch. Sadly it's too awful to relish their crap Party is disarray!