Thursday, February 12, 2009

The curse of Brown

The Daily Telegraph's Jeff Randall has a very good piece in tomorrow's edition about the bankers that have ruined the economy. No, not those greedy and incompetent board members and executives at HBOS, RBS and the rest. He's talking about that other "banker" Gordon Brown and the motley crew he calls his government.

" addition to destroying shareholder value and causing mayhem in the markets, bankers have embarrassed the Government. By their folly, they have helped expose, albeit unwittingly, the ignorance of ministers, flaws in the Financial Services Authority and impotence at the Bank of England. This will never do. What's more, they have established beyond dispute the Prime Minister's inability to pick a winner. Or, put another way, the Curse of Brown."

Frighteningly, he finishes with this little gem: "You can see where this is going. From here, all roads lead to Harare." Harare-on-Thames perhaps?