Thursday, February 19, 2009

Carry on spinning, Gordon!

"I want to get on with the job I'm doing. My priority is to help people in this country. I believe we are making progress by putting in place all the measures that are necessary." said Gordon Brown.

"The Prime Minister is pinning his political future on agreeing a global response to the crisis with the G20 group of world leaders at a London summit at the start of that month. He is also considering possible tax cutting measures in the Budget later in April as a way of stimulating the economy and boosting his popularity. The high-risk strategy adds to the pressure on Mr Brown who is currently 20 points behind in the polls."

"Economy could begin to recover in April, claims Gordon Brown."

Compare and contrast these three statements. Is he: (a)firmly committed to helping people in this country; (b)protecting his political arse; (c) talking bollocks?

You have 45 minutes starting from now...


Sue said...

Do you have the distinct impression that this man will do anything but give it up?

He is just hoping for a reprieve, he is hoping for some glimmer of a recovery...

He knows he is going down in the history books as the worst PM we have ever had. He needs a good kick in the gonads and brought back down to planet earth and told to resign.

On the other hand, if he keeps on hanging in there.... we know the Labour Party are dead meat!

Ted Foan said...

Too true, Sue!

The Creator said...

If you think things are bad now just wait until the Great McManiac oversees a huge give-away budget in April in preparation for an early election. He will do and/or say anything to remain in office. Literally.

I am now more than ever certain that he is clinically insane.