Thursday, January 15, 2009

Labour peer not sure about democracy

I had begun to warm to Lord Malloch-Brown, the Foreign Office Minister, over the last few months. He is an experienced operator in the field of diplomacy and speaks with an assuringly moderate tone. He especially impressed during the Burma crisis last year.

However, his reputation has dropped like a stone following this prouncement on Eire's position in relation to the Treaty of Lisbon:

"With 24 countries having approved the treaty, I am not sure whether the voters of Ireland should have a right of veto over the aspirations of all the other people of Europe. I am not sure whether that is, or is not democracy."

Well, Lord Pillock-Brown, I am not sure it is democracy that the British people have been denied the right to vote on whether they wish to approve it despite the Labour government's manifesto expressly promising that a referendum on a new EU Constitution would be held. (OK, tell me it's not a new constitution even though it is 90% the same as the previously proposed constitution that was vetoed by Holland and France!)