Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Labour MPs frightened by David Cameron

Tom Harris, my favourite Labour MP blogger, has stuck his neck out again. This time he is agitated by David Cameron's promise that the number of MPs sitting in the House of Commons would be cut by at least 10% - around 60 seats would disappear.

But dear old Tom Harris, sitting on an 11,000 majority for Glasgow South is not happy. "This kind of promise - like the one made by his predecessor, Michael Howard, before the 2005 election – is lazy and cynical. Also popular, which is why he made it."

Well Tom, we have to ask you what's lazy about looking at the current system and deciding it needs changing? Not just because it has an inbuilt bias for the Labour Party. (That would be cynical - and Labour doesn't do cynical, does it? My arse!)

No, the real reason is that the HoC has been packed with a raft of journeymen (and journeywomen - don't want to offend Harriet!) since 1997 who would better placed to be local councillors and union representatives for the increasing numbers of people in the state sector.

It's time for change. If this country is going survive the Brown-induced recession we need less central government and more people who are capable of dealing with local issues.

Just think how much more efficient the economy would be if half of the current Labour MPs returned to their old jobs after the next general election. I'm sure this would be a very popular change for most of the electorate.