Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Diablo is now Ted Foan

The next stage of the "re-making of the Diablo blog" - thanks Mr President for that phrase - is now (almost) complete. Those of you astute enough will quickly spot that it is simply a change of name.

But, for me, it is more than that. Whilst I have enjoyed using a nomme de plume for the last few years to peddle my views in the blogosphere - not least because I did not want to embarrass my previous employer or, indeed my old colleagues - the time has come to speak in my own name.

It will be interesting to see if anyone actually notices! Even though I seem to have lost a bit of it! Working on getting it back!

Update: Have changed template and found the other bits!


Ted Foan said...

Oh Bugger! I have cocked something up when changing from the Diablo blog. Oh well!

Oldrightie said...

Hi, Ted, cock ups such as yours pale into insignificance compared to our Great Leader!