Monday, December 15, 2008

Cameron is no Kinnock

I am sure those of you who are old enough will remember Neil Kinnock's speech to the Labour Party election rally in Sheffield in 1992. Some people are now trying to find parallels with the next general election by saying that David Cameron cannot win against Brown even though the country is in a deep economic crisis.

What they forget is that in 1992 John Major's government had not created such a disastrous recessionary situation as the incompetent Gordon Brown and his failed government has managed to achieve. Even in 1992 the scale of the recession was not anywhere near what is happening in 2008 and which will become even more devastating in 2009 and beyond.

Besides that Neil Kinnock was (and still is) a vacuous wind bag with a very self-satisfied wife which only made him less appealing as a potential Prime Minister.