Monday, October 27, 2008

Time to pull the plug?

As the Financial Times reports, the much vaunted Connecting for Health computer system that the Government has claimed will help to improve the NHS has run into trouble.

As it explains: "Progress on the £12bn computer programme designed to give doctors instant access to patients’ records across the country has virtually ground to a halt, raising questions about whether the world’s biggest civil information technology project will ever be finished.
"In May this year, the National Audit Office said the project was running at least four years late but still appeared “feasible”."

"Feasible?" "The world's biggest civil information technology project"!

Jesus! If this incompetent Labour lot can cock up this then imagine what will happen if they ever get a chance to try to install a national ID card system.

I wouldn't trust this band of event organisers to arrange a social gathering in a beer-making establishment let alone get their hands on my biometric measurements.

It's time to pull the plug on these Labour incompetents!