Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Labour Increase Membership Amongst 15 to 27 Year-Olds

Amid all the gloom, despondency and plotting of senior Cabinet Ministers there is some good news for Gordon Brown and his beleaguered party. According to THIS report in the Daily Telegraph it is continuing "to attract new members every week - in fact there has been a 15% increase in the number of 15 to 27-year-olds joining the party."

Good news, you might think! Young people getting involved in politics just like those members of the Tooting Popular Front all those years ago.

But today the main story is that the Labour Party is very close to being financially insolvent and possibly about to become bankrupt. During last year's Labour deputy leadership contest, Jon Cruddas, a left-wing candidate, said that the party was facing oblivion because of the collapse in its rank-and-file membership. The figures for 2007 seem to bear this out. "Labour membership has fallen to the lowest level in the party's 108-year history."

All those stories about the Labour Party going into political oblivion may be over-egged but it certainly doesn't have the money to put where its mouth is. A fitting epitaph?