Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Feed The Children - It'll Be A Vote Winner - Won't It?

That other bastion of Labour support within the Fourth Estate , the Daily Mirror, has given us advance news of the next "historic" Warwick agreement that will see the Labour Party ensure the Trade Unions continue to bankroll them and avoid literal and actual bankruptcy.

The ever reliable Labour toady Kevin Maguire says: "Union leaders have dropped a demand for the return of secondary industrial action in a deal being thrashed out ahead of Labour's National Policy Forum in Warwick this weekend. I believe they've instead secured a Labour Party commitment to issues that strike a chord with millions of workers - so should be vote winners - including greater flexible working, improved training and, I hope, free school meals for all primary kids."

But he then goes on to say: "Secondary action I back in principle but it's an explosive issue for the Tories and right wing rag(sic) (and is admittedly low on the list of concerns of most workers)....The hypocrisy was incredible when British right-wingers applauded South African dockers for (correctly) refusing to unload Chinese arms destined for Zimbabwe. The action would have been unlawful in the UK where political and secondary disruption is banned. Here the dockers might have been sacked and their union fined."

So, what does he want? Free food for all primary school children or the right to close down the workplaces of other workers in the cause of a dispute in which they are not involved? The hypocrisy is incredible! But then what would you expect from this bankrupt and desperate Labour Party?