Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Poverty Of Labour's Policies

Reports today show that yet another key aspect of Labour's failed social experiments has been a failure. The number of children and pensioners now living below the Government's self-defined poverty line has risen again. Not much of a surprise there. As they describe it themselves - "It's like running up a down escalator". (See Gordon Brown running up the escalator on the left!)

But with all the other economic indicators going the wrong way - falling house prices coupled with the spectre of negative equity, lay-offs in the construction industry, factory gate inflation at 20% plus, energy, fuel and food prices rising faster than ever - it's no wonder that confidence is ebbing away.

It's no wonder, too, that the poor are getting poorer under this Labour Government. They have over-taxed, over-spent and over-reached themselves . They have created this unholy mess themselves and now have no way out. It's time for them to go.
Mike Smithson over on Political Betting has asked us to imagine the imminent demise of Gordon Brown which is actually quite attractive - apart from his last question!