Monday, June 16, 2008

David Davis Gets His Freedom Show On The Road

In this concise piece for ConservativeHome David Davis sets out the key points of his campaign on the reduction in our freedoms by this Labour Government.

This passage seems to summarises the things that he wants to debate:

" ....there are now 266 state powers allowing officials to force their way into your home. Six hundred public bodies have the authority to bug phones and emails and intercept the post. And God help you if you put out the wrong kind of rubbish or attempt to get you child into one of the few schools not ruined by a decade of Labour government. Gordon’s neighbourhood spies are watching......My hostility to the Government's bloated and unworkable £19 billion ID card scheme and my dismay at its creation of the largest DNA database on earth stuffed with the details of a million innocent people are well known...."

On this basis, he seems to have got off to a good start and promises to run an unconventional campaign with debates involving people from all ends of the political spectrum. Let's hope it proves to be as interesting to the wider public as he intends.

Tomorrow, he launches his website to act as a sounding board for the debate. You can follow the debate there and put your views forward by emailing him at

I urge you all to do as he suggests and have your say.