Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Born in the EUSSR!

Do you want yourself, your children and grandchildren to be citizens of the United States of Europe?
If not, then read this blog by John Redwood MP to understand why you have no choice in the matter.
Your Government is about to give away your centuries old right to be British. There is nothing you can do about it. Gordon Brown and his despicable, devious and mendacious administration have reneged on Blair's promise to hold a referendum on the Treaty of Lisbon (aka The European Constitution).
Don't it make you feel proud to be, well, er....a European?


Soos said...

Instead of saying we have no choice and there's nothing we can do about it, can't you give us a crumb of hope? Why are we trying to make our voices heard and signing petitions if it's all a waste of time? Even though any petition isn't legally binding and can't force a referendum at least the govt will know we don't like it. (And, more to the point, that we despise them). We'll just have to shout louder.

Diablo said...

Roger that, Soos! Keep shouting - I am! I suppose that is what I was trying to say. More to the point, people like John Redwood are saying it but no one seems to be listening to them either. Never give up. Let's get the Conservatives back in power (no, not with some accommodation with the LibDems!) and see if they can get us out of this deeper and deeper hole that Labour has dug for us. But remember they can't bang on about it now as this will risk a split in the Party just when they need to be seen to be united.

Soos said...

Hi again, do you really think it would cause a split, given that only three conservatives voted with the govt? I had an email from DC's office stating that when they are in government they intend to make changes. The question is, will the changes go deep enough.

Totally agree with you re John Redwood - he's doing a fantastic job and I'd like to see him on the front bench eventually - and I've told him so. It must be hard at times defending the freedoms of a seemingly-apathetic public but the man's got conviction.

Diablo said...

Hello Soos - you seem to have much better contacts than me!

I think that DC & Co are having to be very circumspect about what they say - not just for internal party consumption - but because Labour will misrepresent everything they say about the EU to the public (eg Tories want to pull out of Europe, millions of jobs will be lost, Britain will lose its influence in the world, etc etc). All this to deflect attention away from their own disastrous performance.

I am just an ordinary Conservative voter in a fairly solid LibDem constituency and they play very dirty local politics so nobody around here is likely to get excited by the EU. And that's the basic problem - it's not a local issue. Our battles on the doorstep have to be won on issues closer to home - the "feel-good" factor, tax, NHS, education, transport. It's a fickle old world!

Soos said...

You make me smile - no, no contacts beyond email and I can be a pain in the neck sometimes with politicians - I feel we're entitled to answers and the truth. I take exception to politicos of any persuasion thinking the electorate are stupid and can't possibly understand. What's to understand about democracy and freedom? You either have it or you don't - and at the moment, we don't.

It's a shame that people don't seem to realise that the policies on the NHS, education, transport et al could all, ultimately, be dictated by the EU and that a good 80% of our laws in fact already come from there. I just feel that if we don't wrestle back some power from the overblown state we could soon be in deep trouble. Then add to that the fact that I'm concerned about the rise of the BNP - we're not traditionally an extremist country but we're becoming unrecognisable and I find it very sad that people feel there is no alternative in order to put things right.

pcsolotto said...

To the owner of this blog, how far youve come?