Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sarkozy - the real threat to European unity?

The Spectator's Coffee House blog posed an interesting question about the relative corruptness of the EU after the European Court of Auditors refused to sign off its accounts for the 13th year in a row citing "errors of legality and regularity". It asks: "can anyone think of a more financially corrupt institution outside of Africa?"

Then, link this to the post by Danniel Hannan, the excellent Conservative MEP writing in the Daily Telegraph here where he reports on a speech by Nicolas Sarkozy to the European Parliament. "The French people had not voted No to the EU. On the contrary, they wanted Europe to do more..... the EU should decide things by majority, not by unanimity, which gave the power of veto to the most reluctant.... ratification of the constitution would now be without a referendum.... on the subject of protectionism, the EU mustn’t leave capitalism unrestrained ... the capitalism that he was interested in was that of the workers and producers, not that of the speculators and rentiers."

Hannan goes on to say: "My problem is not with him, but with the self-deceit of the British commentators who keep claiming, against all the evidence, that the EU is becoming less federalist and more free market. We’ve been telling ourselves this for 50 years, during which time Brussels has steadily agglomerated more and more powers."

It's all going to end in disaster, mark my words! And the treachorous French will be to blame. Should we bail out these cheese eating surrender monkeys yet again? I don't think so!


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